Rights Managed (RM) Design Use Fees

About DesignLine22

DesignLine22 was created to promote only carefully curated original art via Rights Managed (RM) purchase.

Several of the designs are also available for traditional licensing on another web site. Therefore, when you see a design that you like, it is a good idea to act quickly, since the terms you see here will prevail.

Rights Managed (RM), as used here, means that design useage rights can be purchased for a single flat-fee under well-defined terms governing type of use and length of term. Most of the designs featured on this site are also available for outright purchase.

RM Design Use Fee Schedule offers four levels of exclusivity:

  • level one: nonexclusive - baseline;
  • level two: exclusive for the product type - subject to additional fee @ 2x baseline, and;
  • level three: removal from the RM catalog - subject to additional fee @ 4x baseline (removal does not preclude availability for sales or traditional licensing for other products).
  • level four: core design purchased with exclusive copyright for use on apparel and apparel accessories.

RM images may be used only on a single product substrate as specified by the buyer at the time of order. Fees start with baseline sizes, and add options for license quantity desired, and license term. All fees include Worldwide rights. Fees are as listed below.


  • Baseline: is for prints for one SKU - a single size - within one range of sizes on any substrate other than rolled yardage goods*see "Fabric Runs" below.
  • Baseline Sizes: sizes are based upon square inches to be used
  • Baseline Quantity Pricing: Imprints are priced per minimum lot size
  • Baseline Term: the lesser of one (1) Year or until licensed quantities are printed
  • Deliverable: RGB TIFF flat file that normally range between 200~300 PPI (pixels per inch) file Resolution. Higher resolutions are available for most designs. Please let us know if you need higher resolution files.


  • Use is worldwide for one SKU
  • Use term is one Year
  • 2 yr term = 10% discount (applies only if exercised at time of original order)
  • 3 yr term = 13% discount (applies only if exercised at time of original order)
  • All Prices/Fees are United States Dollars ($ USD)

SMALL Images -up to 144 sq in (12x12)

  • 1,001 up to 2,000 small imprints. Fee: $400 (approx. $0.20/impression)
  • 2,001 up to 5,000 small imprints. Fee: $500 (approx. $0.10/impression)
  • 5,001 up to 10,000 small imprints. Fee: $750 (approx. $0.08/impression)

MEDIUM Images - 145 to 1,024sq in (32x32)

  • 1,001 up to 2,000 med imprints. Fee: $680 (approx. $0.34 /impression)
  • 2,001 up to 5,000 medium imprints. Fee: $776 (approx. $0.16 /impression)
  • 5,001 up to 10,000 medium imprints. Fee: $978 (approx. $0.10 /impression)

LARGE Images - 1025 to 9,216 sq in (96x96)

  • 1,001 up to 2,000 large imprints. Fee:$1,000 (approx. $0.50 /impression)
  • 2,001 up to 5,000 large imprints. Fee:$1,250 (approx. $0.25 /impression)
  • 5,001 up to 10,000 large imprints. Fee:$1,875 (approx. $0.19 /impression)


  • 100 lin ft up to 1,000 lin ft
  • 1,001 lin ft up to 5,000 lin ft
  • 5,001 lin ft and up

• Note: Rolled Yardage Fabric Runs will be quoted separately


  • Prices/Fees are subject to acceptance by manufacturer of "RIGHTS-MANAGED END USER AGREEMENT".
  • Prices/Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Long dimension x short dimension = square inches, which determines file size needed for print.
  • "PPI" (pixels per inch) is digital file resolution, and is what we deliver.
  • "DPI" (dots per inch) is printing resolution and is not within our control.